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West Middleton Vehicle Wraps
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West Middleton Vehicle Wraps


Did you know that utilizing vehicle wraps will further the customer reach of your business? The use of vehicle wraps helps establish professionalism and build your brand. Indiana Signage offers different kinds of vehicle wraps such as full vehicle wraps, partial car wraps, and even vinyl graphics, vehicle magnets, and perforated film to businesses who are interested in developing your visibility.

custom full vehicle wrap

You probably own a business truck, van, or other types of commercial vehicles. Whatever auto you use for your trade, we can adapt to your needs and preferences. Indiana Signage creates custom design and performs local manufacturing. In addition to that, we also house a team of technicians who are experts in vehicle wrap installation. They are trained to provide you excellent installation services.

If you are looking for vehicle or car vinyl graphics, boat wraps, commercial van wraps, truck wraps, and trailer wraps, we, the hardworking West Middleton vehicle wrap professionals of Indiana Signage, are more than delighted to assist you!

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Aside from vehicle wraps, other promotional tools include vinyl graphics, partial vehicle wraps, or vehicle magnets. You can use them both for commercial automobiles and your personal car. It all depends on the needs of your business. Our West Middleton, IN vehicle wrap experts are here to ensure you are getting the right level of coverage for your business, vehicle, and budget.

West Middleton Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

custom full vehicle wrap

For immensely magnified visibility, a full vehicle wrap is the best solution for your concern. It is the most suitable option if you want to exploit your vehicle’s capacity and make a seamless coverage that can be used as a canvas for a noticeable advertisement. We offer completely customizable full vehicle wraps with full-color vinyl graphics that highlight your brand, symbolism, and the message that you want to communicate to your patrons and potential consumers.

Indiana Signage provides an aesthetical and heavy-duty vinyl, which also serves as protection to your vehicles. This is perfect, especially for transport units that are highly used for heavy vessels or containers, including watercraft like boats.

Partial Car Wraps

partial vehicle graphics

If you prefer specific wraps on some parts of your vehicle over full vehicle wraps, you can choose a partial car wrap instead. You can choose any part—doors, hood, side panel, bumper, tailgate, or a combination of two or three portions. This entire part will be covered and painted with full-color business promotion. You can include your logo, tagline, message, or a call to action.

A partial car wrap still appears seamless and clean, as we will be working on the original joints and partitions of your car. If you are restricted by your budget, a partial car wrap is a sensible choice and a great solution. It seems like a full wrap only at a reduced expense.

Vinyl Graphics

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

Vinyl graphics present the identity of your business; hence, a promotion to the masses. Individual vinyl graphics feature the versatility of the design. This means you can create any changes, update, add, or remove some elements in it.

You will not acquire a 2D appearance, but a trimmed vinyl accustomed to the form of the vehicle. Vinyl graphics are more appropriate for either company logos or minimal text.

Vehicle Magnets

car magnet

We offer a lot of options for you. If you want your vehicle to be convertible or multi-functional, you need a removable alternative. Vehicle magnets! You can have them installed on your car during promotional days, but if you have a vacation to go to and need to use that car, you can easily detach the magnets and make your car personal again. This is the most practical option for you should you need a multi-functional car for everyday use.

Furthermore, if you have more than one car, you can use these vehicle magnets interchangeably for your multiple wheels. Just remove and transfer them to another car. This option is beneficial for people who change vehicles every now and then, live in a community wherein signages are restricted, and who do not want any of their personal stuff reflect on their business through the cars they use.

Vehicle magnets can be tailored to your preferences and are available in an extensive selection of sizes, shapes/forms, styles, colors, etc.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window film

Perforated window film is a great complement for any kind of vehicle wraps. This is why many businesses frequently make a purchase of wraps along with a window film. Why? Number one, and the most important, is for privacy purposes. Second, it gives a sophisticated finishing touch or looks in an appealing design. The good news is, it won’t even become an obstruction to the visibility of the road.

If you already have a design in mind or a pre-made visual plan, Indiana Signage is looking forward to making that vision happen!

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

custom vinyl food truck wrap

Indiana Signage is always ready to provide you with the best professional wraps for any type of vehicle that you have. Van wraps, trailer wraps, personal car wraps, or a vehicle color switch, we can utilize our resources and brainchildren to accommodate your request.

In order to do that, the first step is to discuss with you regarding your marketing goals as well as your plan to use vehicle wraps as a promotion of your business. We ensure that we fully understand each goal that you have, including the matters about your vehicle wrap or graphics. How do you want the final wrap to look like? What should we include in the wrap? And so on and so forth.

After the discussion, the next step is to develop a quote that suits your needs and wants. We provide reasonable and affordable costs for our products and services. The payment shall cover the design of the wrap or graphic, manufacturing, and installation.

Our vehicle wrap services include:

A full-service West Middleton sign, wraps, and graphics company, Indiana Signage offers other promotional services apart from vehicle wraps. We also manufacture top-quality business signages such as outdoor signs, indoor signs, and other custom-made signs based on your preferences and requirements.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps are great publicity tools, but for the most part, they heighten the confidence and perception of consumers towards your brand. Once you introduce your business to the public, in their minds, they think you are reliable. You make them trust you, because they saw your ad somewhere, posted or painted on a car. That is the exact description of how useful a vehicle wrap can be. As long as it is visible to the naked eye, the message becomes conveyed.

Every business can definitely benefit from vehicle wraps, especially start-up companies or those who are still in the process of building their brand. In business, the one who is best in advertising itself has the highest chance of being patronized. Why? Because people will not try your product or service if they don’t know you at all. Wraps have become popular in various industries like cable companies, delivery cars or motors, electricians, tutors, dry cleaners, plumbers, etc.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrap

Vehicles that simply go out on the road surely draw people’s attention to it. If your vehicle wrap is attractively designed, you will capture their interest. If your content is compelling, you will seize their intention.

Promotional car wraps are a reliable tool for marketing your business in the outside world. You should not wait for people to go inside your shop or office before they discover your brand. You must bring your brand to them. Aside from the internet, you can use promotional car wraps to publicly and randomly promote your services. All you have to do it drive your vehicle and voila! You then expand your audience reach.

Amazingly, car wraps also protect your vehicle mostly from extreme weather conditions, dust, pollution, bruises, etc. Not only that, but they also protect your privacy while inside the car. It’s really cost-effective to invest in vehicle wraps.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have a retail location or a physical shop, you can also rely on vehicle wrapping as one way to reach your consumers. Vehicle graphics and wraps do promote your brand on your behalf, especially if you don’t have a working space or store that people can visit.

Our seamless operation is not restricted. As a matter of fact, your windows are not excluded. If you wish so, we can include them in the seamless full vehicle wrapping. This will turn your car into a completely transformed ad automobile. Don’t worry; you can still see through the windows.

Custom Boat Wraps

custom boat wrap design

It is never impossible to promote your business on the water. If you own a sea-related business, you could use our marine-grade vinyl boat and trailer wraps. They are capable of withstanding corporate, personal, and charter usage. Maybe you are concerned about how the water will make the wraps wear off. Of course, our boat wraps are durable and resistant both to saltwater and freshwater.

If you are a business that offers boat rental services, you can exhibit your message using custom boat wraps as you also protect your water vehicle. On the other hand, if you are a business that settles on the beach, we can also do the same thing for your food trucks, trailers, or other vehicles that can be wrapped properly.

Boat Identification Numbers

Boats and other vehicles of the same kind have identification numbers on the side. If you decide to have your boat wrapped, you may also want to have vinyl decals that stay adherent to the boat under any kind of weather conditions. Indiana Signage manufactures and prints names, ID numbers, and licenses of any kind of vessel like that of yours. We ensure that you obtain the right size and other elements of the decals and that they will be mounted properly.

Boat-based Businesses

For boat-based businesses such as parasailing, charter fishing, whale watching, and others, our sublime wraps can serve not only as protection and promotion but also for attraction. Your boat from afar must, first of all, look and feel inviting, comfortable, fancy, and above all, safe. Using vehicle wraps for boats will draw attention to your business and persuade people to make a purchase or hire a service.

Your Designs, Perfected

custom airplane graphics

Indiana Signage can always start from scratch or pick up from your idea whichever way you want. In addition to that, we can also give recommendations that suit your need and business goal. We provide custom auto wraps and auto vinyl graphics, which means you are free to design the look of your wrap and to put whatever element you’d like to include in it (logos and other information).

But at the same time, if you don’t know how to do it or have no idea yet about it, we can prepare several options that you can choose from. Of course, all options will be based on your suggestions, objectives, and considerations. Once everything is finalized, we’ll proceed with manufacturing.

There’s nothing to worry about because our expert West Middleton car wrap professions will guide you in every step of the way for you to ensure that every aspect will turn out as creative and innovative as it can be. We guarantee the best results with the help of our graphic design experts. We provide free consultation for you!

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

custom vehicle wrap installation

For the whole vehicle wrapping process, our passionate and committed team will be there to walk you through and update you as well. The service begins in a free consultation wherein you shall discuss your brand, the number of vehicles that you plan to wrap with vinyl, how you want the wrapping to appear, and all the necessary details in order to carry out the appropriate planning for your commercial vehicles.

We will meet halfway as we combine your ideas with ours, and come up with the best possible solution. After that, our graphic designers will create so-called mockups or sample designs of the wraps to be placed on your vehicle/s. In the design, you are entitled to make suggestions for revisions or simply voice out what you want and not want about it. To cut it short, if there are any changes that you want us to create, we will do the necessary alterations in the design.

Once you approve the design, the production will begin. We will create a single wrap by producing the vinyl elements necessary for your covering. Then, we send it to our installation specialists, who will install the wrap to your vehicle. We guarantee accurate and durable work, without bubbles or ripples.

Should you want any changes in the wrap, add or remove, we are more than happy to assist any time. We do minor and major repairs for your vehicle wrap as well.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

West Middleton Vehicle Wraps indianasignThe size of the area that needs to be covered does not matter at all; we can do vehicle wraps for any kind of car and for a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, etc. Our job is to provide you with durable, promotional, and visible wrap. We will give you excellent and affordable services from the initial consultation to the installation. You will no longer have a hard time acquiring your own vehicle wrap that serves you with multi-purposes. Our West Middleton commercial vehicle wrap professionals are here for you.

Call Indiana Signage at (260) 250-4565 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!