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Greentown Acrylic Signs
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Greentown Acrylic Signs


Depending on its type, your business may benefit from the modernity and sophistication that comes with acrylic signs.

lighted indoor lobby sign

If you want the look of traditional glass signs but would rather go for a cheaper and lighter alternative, acrylic signs are your best choice because of their transparent, colorless, and long-lasting polymer.

Indiana Signage provides customized Greentown acrylic signs that will effectively market your brand while giving your business a fresh, modern look.

For any of your business needs at the moment, our versatile acrylic signs can certainly cater to them. You can choose to have these acrylics crafted into directional signs, menu boards, wayfinding signs, room IDs, product displays, POP signs, lobby signs, hanging signs, and practically any type of sign you can think of.

A lot of our customers have purchased acrylic signs due to their great versatility. However, many have also found it hard to choose the most befitting type of acrylic sign for their business because of this prized trait. You should not worry, though, because at Indiana Signage, we will guide you in choosing the right sign to use in your marketing project.

Being a full-service signage company, we won’t just produce Greentown acrylic signs that will speak your brand and reach more potential customers. Our signage specialists will also work closely beside you every step of the way.

Our process is simple: helping you choose the right type of sign for your business, discussing the costs with you, creating a dynamic signage design, proceeding to the manufacturing process, installing your sign, and finally, letting you enjoy the benefits of an attractive and high-performing acrylic sign.

Sounds like a good deal?

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Variety of Acrylic Sign Options

indoor lobby signs

Although made from the same fundamental material, acrylic signs are not all the same. Since they are made to fulfill different purposes, it’s important to ensure that they are crafted to increase their specific effectiveness and durability.

Determining the printing style is one way to do this. You can choose from two ways of how you want the design of your acrylic sign to be printed: standard surface or subsurface printing. Regardless of what you choose, Indiana Signage is fully equipped and skilled to do it.

Standard surface printing

If you want to go for this option, your signage’s design will be printed on the front of the acrylic. Doing this will give your acrylic sign a thicker feel with a matte finish. This printing style is ideal if you don’t exactly prefer transparent signs.

Subsurface printing

This method, also known as second surface printing, will have the backside of a clear piece of acrylic printed with your signage design. We will print your design in reverse so you could see it on the transparent front, giving your sign an attractive glossy finish.

However, subsurface printing will cost more than the standard surface one. It is for a good reason, though. Subsurface printing will increase the protection of your sign against various elements, making it last longer and ideal for outdoor usage. So if you find it appealing to have signs that come with a glass-framed appearance and extra protection, subsurface acrylic signs are definitely for you!

Clear and Frosted Signs

custom frosted acrylic signs

After years of providing Greentown acrylic signs, we have witnessed how the sign’s opacity has become one of its bestselling points. That is why at Indiana Signage, in the effort of giving you the perfect sign that reflects your business brand, we offer clear and frosted acrylic signs as well!

Clear acrylic signs

These signs have a glass-like appearance, thanks to their high-gloss finish and perfect transparency. This will effectively give your business a modern corporate look that will attract more of your target market. You can even opt to make it look three-dimensional by using a background color at the back of the acrylic’s clear side.

If your business brand goes well with a lightweight and affordable alternative to glass signs that aren’t prone to shattering, our clear acrylic signs are your best bet.

Frosted acrylic signs

Not completely transparent, this type instead provides some level of translucency to your acrylic sign. Indiana Signage has long been providing businesses with frosted signs that effectively reduce glare by diffusing harsh lights. These signs also come with a matte finish that offers some level of privacy to your establishment or office. You can also emphasize your signage design by putting a light source right in front of your acrylic sign.

If your brand benefits from a soft and calm look, frosted acrylic signs are certainly worth their price. They are one of our highly recommended products if you’re looking for more than just an attractive sign.

Indoor or Outdoor Signs

custom acrylic dimensional letters

The versatility of acrylic signs may surprise you. They aren’t just perfect for indoor usage; they are also durable enough to be used outdoors. Here at Indiana Signage, we craft each acrylic sign with the highest quality possible, ensuring that they will be effective and long-lasting wherever you choose to place them.

Indoor acrylic signs

Available in different shapes and sizes, acrylic signs proved to be perfectly useful indoors. They are commonly found on doors, walls, restaurant counters, office lobbies, and supermarket aisles, among many other places. When installed in these indoor areas, they tend to last significantly longer.

Outdoor acrylic signs

They can also be utilized as exterior signage. Although acrylic signs will have a shorter life span if used outdoors, their durability is enough to promote your business and bring in more customers as a return of your signage investment. However, you can use them quite differently outside. You can have your outdoor sign made as cabinet signs, wall signs, entrance signs, illuminated signs, and dimensional letters.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom indoor acrylic signs

Indiana Signage is a proud signage provider seasoned with long years of experience in the sign-making industry.

For several years now, business owners have trusted us to provide them with customized Greentown acrylic signs that perfectly mirror what their brand is all about. Our quality workmanship has put us on a pedestal, and we intend to keep it that way.

Once you choose to have us craft your business signage, we guarantee that your acrylic sign will undergo the best manufacturing process handled by the most qualified and meticulous signage experts. We also ensure that our products are made from the highest-quality, shatter-resistant polymer printed with nothing less than premium UV ink.

Aside from that, Indiana Signage also houses a team of expert graphic artists. They are responsible for providing you with the best acrylic signage design by incorporating your brand elements and personal specifications into their designing expertise. And to top that all off, our installation team has successfully maintained their reputation of performing as quick, precise, and clean as possible.

In the end, we can assure you that Indiana Signage is the full-service signage provider you will never regret working with. From planning to installation, we are there to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Free Acrylic Signs Consultation

Greentown Acrylic Signs nitelites logo bl 300x75Purchasing the most befitting acrylic sign for your business can prove to be a difficult task. To help you realize the ideal signage for your business, we are here to assess your business needs, answer your queries, and channel your branding message into the supposed look of your acrylic sign.

Do not ever hesitate to contact us. With our in-depth knowledge, professionally honed skills, highest-grade equipment, extensive experience, and a strong commitment to providing the best business signage fit for each of our clients, we can guarantee that you will never waste your time and money on us.

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