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Millersburg Dimensional Letters
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Millersburg Dimensional Letters


Stand out from traditional signage types and put your business in the spotlight with Indiana Signage‘s Millersburg dimensional letters.

custom acrylic backlit storefront signMore popularly known as three-dimensional letters, this signage type is composed of individual pieces of elements that are cast, molded, fabricated, or cut out from solid units of metal or acrylic.

They are attached to a building facade, creating raised forms that are usually letters, numbers, or symbols. They can also be other elements, such as logos and images. Dimensional letters provide great visibility and a professional look; they are very durable.

As a leading Millersburg signage company, we recommend considering dimensional letter signs for almost any business, from restaurants and hospitals to boutiques, offices, and churches.

Made of nothing else but the industry’s best resources, Indiana Signage’s dimensional letters are specially built to be eye-catching and long-lasting. They are designed to expand your advertising reach and withstand external elements like harmful sunlight or strong winds. You won’t need to worry about losing their beauty in the long run. Our signage experts will help you design, install, and even repair and maintain as the need arises.

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Appealing Storefront Signage

custom outdoor restaurant signsDimensional letters are no doubt one of the fascinating signage types out there. They can be your building’s aesthetic, like a storefront sign that maintains a good, sophisticated feel, texture, and depth from the first impression.

Their versatility in placement is also a huge advantage to your building’s design. Dimensional letters are typically attached flat to the building’s facade, but they can also be installed in monument signs, post and panel signs, and reader boards.

Moreover, if you want a brighter, more glamorous look, you won’t go wrong with electronic lighting. You can add spotlights, halo lights, or backlighting to your three-dimensional letter signs. With Indiana Signage, you can create and customize your dimensional letters to achieve optimum attractiveness for your building to ultimately build your brand and expand your advertising reach.

Attractive Indoor Lettering

Custom dimensional letter lobby sign

Dimensional letters provide your business with excellent visibility from the outside, but they can also be amazing indoor signs.

They are effective for establishing your company brand once customers or visitors enter your building. They can also be used for wayfinding purposes, directing people where they want to go.

Despite the name, dimensional letters are not limited to letters, numbers, or symbols. Indiana Signage can create three-dimensional images.

Most companies use this option to create a three-dimensional logo that they showcase in a prominent part of their building for people to see. Moreover, you can also avail of our lighting upgrades, such as backlighting, even for indoor dimensional signs for stronger brand expression.

Durable Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters can be made from various materials, including metal, wood, plastic, and light foam. Each material has a specific look, feel, and durability level that you can choose to fit your branding goals perfectly.

indoor lobby dimensional signage

For any material that you will choose, Indiana Signage guarantees that your Millersburg dimensional letters will be at its best quality and durability level. Our products go through quality control to make sure that they last till their lifespan capacity.

Light foam, a lightweight, thick, durable, and inexpensive material, is typically ideal for large-scale and colorful letter signs. Metal, with choices like aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel, lets off a classy look that is great for indoor signage. On the other hand, plastic is popular for outdoor use because of its weather-resistant durability.

Choose among choices of acrylic, PVC, vinyl, and plaques. For any option you have in mind, our signage specialists are eager to help you determine if it’s the best choice for your company, depending on the most relevant factors, such as budget, goals, and function.

Full-Service Sign Company

Selecting the best signage specifications for your company can be a tough task. With the numerous options available, you need to have the patience for research, time for canvassing different specifications, and a peek at all the tried-and-tested options.

custom outdoor dimensional signs

Luckily, the signage experts at Indiana Signage are the best in product selection and are happy to share their expertise with you. They are ready to provide professional advice regarding the many variations and customization options the industry has for dimensional letter signs.

Indiana Signage is here to help you get the perfect design, choose the best materials, and strategically place and install your dimensional letters in your commercial shop. We make sure that you can get our services fast by simply contacting our number. For all your signage needs, Indiana Signage is your best option.

Free Dimensional Letters Consultation

NiteLites Signs & Graphics company logoAt Indiana Signage, our standards in signage, and how to design them according to durability, attractiveness, and function is top-notch.

If you’re interested in our Millersburg signage services, we would be happy to share our experience, expertise, and resources with you so you would get the best out of the signage industry.

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