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Converse Channel Letters
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Converse Channel Letters


Choosing the right type of building sign for your business is an important factor in attracting potential customers.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

One wrong move and everything could turn upside down with your marketing. So, if you want to set everything right with your promotion, start at a storefront sign that is engaging just by its letters alone. Indiana Signage has the answer with our high-quality channel letters.

Channel and dimensional letter signs are growing popular among businesses because of their quality that connects to all onlookers. It could come in either a flat-dimensional style or an illuminated one. However, to fully meet your business needs and goals, it is best to customize your channel letters.

If you are looking for a playful appearance yet still professionally appealing, channel and dimensional letter signs are the right choices. With their flexibility and versatility, you can do so much with them. You can vary your choices according to your preference and brand personality. It is one of the most chosen options for building signage among many businesses in different industries.

Indiana Signage is your right partner when it comes to crafting and installing high-quality channel and dimensional letters. Custom-built sign letters that promise satisfaction to our clients is what we are great at. We are a local letter sign service provider in Converse that guarantees premium-quality business signs at an affordable price.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter Sign

A channel letter signage is a three-dimensional graphic sign element that’s crafted from mostly metal and sometimes from plastic. It is a frequented order for storefront signs, as evident from the number of customers we have provided with channel letters in the past.

These letters are crafted with a bold form to give clear visibility. The letters, signs, and symbols are individually built and lit. They are then attached securely to a backing frame. You can also choose to mount channel letters directly onto your façade.

This 3D signage is dynamic and eye-catching, which is capable of easily attracting customers. Additionally, channel letters are easy to customize for all types of businesses. You can choose from a wide range of font types, styles, colors, sizes, or even have it illuminated. Big and popular businesses typically opt for this signage because it gives off a striking and professional appeal. Channel letters fit just every establishment there is.

Among the establishments known to mostly utilize channel letters in Converse are the following: grocery stores, malls, shopping centers, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, schools, and churches.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Contrary to channel letters, this letter sign doesn’t have a hollow space in the center that allows for illumination. Dimensional letters do not appear three-dimensional either. However, aside from that, every other feature is similar to that of the channel letters.

You can see still dimensional letters according to your brand personality. They could come in various sizes, colors, typefaces, styles, and even in thickness, which ranges from deep flat to several inches thick. These letters are cut from solid sheets of acrylic or other types of materials.

Dimensional letters are perfect for the following establishments: retail stores, malls, offices, and diners. These are also ideal for indoor and lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Plain channel letters already stand out from the rest. When illuminated, its letters create a “halo effect” that appears even more striking and outstanding from others. They seem to guard your business against nearby rivals, making illuminated channel signs an invaluable marketing instrument.

Illuminated and backlit channel signs are ideal for businesses that open and function from late afternoon up until early morning. The lights provide visibility for customers during nighttime and sometimes act as a light post for passersby who could eventually turn into new customers. Even in harsh conditions, you can easily spot certain businesses with illuminated building signs that are utilized most efficiently.

Indiana Signage handles a team of professional electrical engineers to ensure your business’ safety from future electrical damage. We are very hands-on in your channel sign project, from setting up the electrical features in the letters to installing it on your building up until the cleanup process. All in all, you need not worry about your illuminated sign with us as your provider.

Some businesses known to opt for lighted signs are the following: bars, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, comedy clubs, coffee shops, convenience stores, and gas stations.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Converse Channel Letters nitelites logo bl 300x75For a premium-quality product at an affordable price, Indiana Signage is here to serve you. With our years of experience, we are very much dedicated to continuing to be the number one local building sign service provider.

Having trouble looking for that channel letter signage that fits perfectly for your building? We have the right one for you! With our guidance and assistance throughout the project, you will acquire not only the best building sign but also a lifetime signage partner that will readily serve your business.

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