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When you talk about neon signs, the first thing that will come to mind are the funky light signs that were used during the 60s and 70s. They are definitely eye-catching, and they appear in various colors that give them character.

Attractive LED signs

However, some people believe that getting neon signs in this day and age is difficult, considering that it is old-fashioned and may not fit brands properly.

Fortunately, we here at Indiana Signage can help you with your neon sign needs. We are dedicated to creating neon signs that fit your company or business brand and make them appealing to you and your consumers. All our neon signs are carefully made using traditional techniques to make sure the lights appear seamlessly in all angles and light up in the colors of your brand. We can even create customized signs that will surely showcase not just your brand, but also your Silver Lake business goals clearly.

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Types of Neon Signs

custom neon sign

Neon signs are already very unique when you get a simple design for your business. However, there are actually several styles of neon signs that can fit into certain business goals or themes.

  • Neon on Print – Clients can bring the design they wish, and the company will work on the neon tubing to match the design and give it a 3D feel.
  • Neon Infinity Boxes – These signs cause an optical illusion to form with the help of the neon tubing used for the sign and the molding that is made based on your options. These are often used in bars and even in areas where you want people to stop and talk about it.
  • Neon mirror boxes – These signs are designed using a laser to give it a striking appearance when it is placed in a mirrored background.
  • Neon art – As its name implies, this sign features the design you want in neon lights and adjust it based on your preferences.
  • Neon-only – If you want only the neon lights and not a complete set where you can get a backing panel or casing for the sign, you can get a neon-only sign which is ready to install. However, it is recommended that an electrician installs the signs for you to prevent any glitches from happening in your signs.

No matter what type of neon signs you ask us to make, we can definitely handle it for you. If you can’t decide which style is best, our Silver Lake, IN team can help you see all the options possible for your business goal and style it based on your requirements and ideas.

Full-Service Neon Sign Company

Silver Lake Neon Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225

It can be difficult to find a signage company that will offer a complete service when you reach out to them. Here at Indiana Signage, we will be with you throughout the entire process as we work to design your sign, reducing your need to reach out to another company to handle certain parts of your signage needs. We have specialists who can design any kind of sign, manufacture them perfectly, and install them perfectly. We also have the materials on-hand to make our work more efficient, and they are all earth-friendly and durable. You can also avail of our maintenance work if you think your signage requires repairs or mini-changes.

During our free consultation, we will use the time to find everything we need to know to make the perfect sign for you and make the right recommendations. We will take everything into account with our recommendations, from your budget, business goals to your schedule. Our team will make sure that the sign is perfect before we start producing your sign, and you can edit it as you see fit.

Since neon signs will require a lot of electricity to utilize, we make sure that the materials for them are made from environment-friendly pieces and LEDs so that it will only cost you a small amount to run them every day. Our team will also make sure you have everything you need to keep the signs working and installed in the right place. Customization is also available in our company if you want something that is out of this world.

Free Neon Signage Consultation

Silver Lake Neon Signs nitelites logo 300x66Neon signs don’t have to mean that your business is an old or outdated establishment. It can definitely draw people into your business and give your brand a unique look, especially if you customize it to match your brand.

If you want to try neon signs up, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Silver Lake neon sign company at Indiana Signage. Our team will show you just how these neon signs can be shaped to fit your brand and answer any inquiry you may have about them.

Call Indiana Signage today at (260) 250-4565 for a Free Consultation with a Lighted Sign Specialist!